About company

The company "Vend" working in Ukraine from1993. During the activity, the company developed and manufactured power sources for solid-state lasers, manufactured milk separators,  introduced the agricultural biological products and trace elements in easily accessible form for plants.

Supporting the Action Plan on implementation of the European Strategy for the Prevention and Control of  Noncommunicable Diseases in 2012-2016 year, adopted by the World Health Organization, the company "VEND" started production in 2014, salt mixtures with a low content of sodium.

These salt mixture can already be seen on the shelves of Ukraine. This salt with low-sodium + potassium and salt with low-sodium + potassium + magnesium.

The company has developed dozens of recipes compositions salt mixtures, which are protected by patents.

The need to release salt mixtures with a low content of sodium, emerged as an alternative to pure salt, which increased mortality from increased salt intake.

Ukraine takes first place in Europe in terms of  human mortality, which is estimated about 2 thousand people per year per one million population. Meanwhile, in Kenya, the figure is 78 people, where salt intake only 2,000 mg.

In Europe, the salt mixture with low sodium content are commercially available.

Admission to the sale of salt mixtures with a low content of sodium will not only give a choice, but we hope to attract people's attention to this problem.

According to the plan supported by our European strategy, reducing salt intake to 5g to 10g per day would reduce the overall indicator of stroke by 23%, while the index of cardio - vascular disease - by 17%.

On the scientific session of the sodium content in food and its links with hypertension, which took place at the joint conference of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) and the International Society of Hypertension (ISH), entitled "Hypertension 2014" sounded an appeal to doctors in public education and take an active part in the initiative to reduce population salt intake.

We support the appeal of the conference to the doctors recommend and use in order to prevent, at the unwillingness to change their usual human life in terms of over-consumption of salt, salt mixture with a reduced sodium content.

Using a mixture of salt when cooking, will reduce sodium consumption by one-third, leading to the preservation of the lives of thousands of people in Ukraine.

Director of the company,
Alexander Romanenko.